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Posted: February 21st, 2012
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seo mindmapI created a successful mind map several years ago which I would show to clients in meetings to help them understand ‘SEO’ better.  It was also shown at many search conferences all over the world, with entire seminars built around it.  So, I came up with the following SEO data visualisation – an update to my previous work – which is an interactive way to show many facets required to create a successful website.

Click text on the mind map to travel around and view information:

Maybe some subject-matter experts in each discipline will think that there are omissions, but I have tried to keep it simple so that relative beginners, non-SEOs and non-techies can understand it – this is not the time and place to show everyone here that I am clever  (the biggest mistake that 99% of SEOs make) – I just want to share and help people.

I also hope that expert-level online marketeers, SEOs and link builders can appreciate the visualisation and also see things that they may well never have seen before, especially in disciplines that they do not profess to be experts in.

It must be said that this SEO visualisation is very much work in progress, and if you think that I have left any items out, or indeed, you have suggestions, please let me know by commenting below and I will add them.

And, just let me know if you like it or not :)

James Welch

James Welch is an marketer, network scientist and SEO helping businesses understand the power of networks to increase sales performance online and offline. He also is director and CTO of Online Ventures, a progressive inbound marketing agency from Manchester, UK.

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