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Posted: June 1st, 2012
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Here is a great network science visualisation.  This shows how hubs are formed (and how networks evolve) when links occur between nodes (circles).

To see how hubs are formed: Click on a circle a node and then click on another node.  It should grow a little.  Now click on a 3rd node, linking back to one of the other nodes.  They should grow a little…continue this on, linking back to one particular node and you should see it grow.  The larger it is, the quicker it grows…now…click FROM the large node to a smaller node…the smaller node should grow significantly.

Alternatively, press the button in the top-left and the nodes will grow – but significantly, they will use something called preferential attachment to grow. It is not random – it is how networks evolve…nodes, great content, links and preferential attachment.

THIS IS HOW GOOGLE WORKS!!!!!!!!!! The end!

If you don’t believe me, you must still be buying links from people that own 500 directory sites.

James Welch

James Welch is an marketer, network scientist and SEO helping businesses understand the power of networks to increase sales performance online and offline. He also is director and CTO of Online Ventures, a progressive inbound marketing agency from Manchester, UK.

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